As we get ready to support World Mental Health Day this month, we want to highlight the ways in which John Southworth is building a supportive culture.

A 2023 study from Mind and Ironmonger Direct reported that “more than two-thirds of tradespeople experience work-related stress at least once a month”, and sometimes finding the right words can be the biggest block to getting support with anxiety or mental health.

 “It found that 73% of builders experience some form of mental health problem, such as stress, anxiety or depression, every month…Furthermore, 92% say they do not feel comfortable talking about their mental health with others, and only 10% have spoken about it with their friends or family.”

– Mental Health in the Trades: 2023 Report

That’s why we have introduced our ‘thumbs down’ emoji [emoji] so all of our team can simply send this emoji to our mental health champion, without needing to find words to express their feelings. We are proud to have a dedicated mental health champion to offer support when it is needed the most to our team, because sometimes not needing to find the right words is the first step.
There is lots of support out there if you are struggling with your mental health or anxiety – this important signposting is displayed in all our site offices, and promoted regularly with our team. If you need help, you can visit and find lots of organisations that can help you in complete confidence.