Considerate Constructor – Wheatfields Development. 

As an organisation committed to providing positive contributions to the community and the environment with each of the developments we deliver, being a considerate constructor ensures we maintain excellent standards in all that we do. 

Our Wheatfield’s development with Onward Homes has been recognised by the Considerate Constructor Team as excellent for.

  • Respecting the community
  • Caring for the environment
  • Valuing our workforce

With an overall score of 41 out of 45.

The site was previously occupied by Wheatfield’s nursery and is being brought back to life with a mix of 30 new houses, bungalows, and apartments. 

The site is at the end of a short cul-de-sac which leads to managed bungalows for elderly people and a primary school, both of which have been taken into careful consideration with the build.

Although the project is in the early stages there have been solid commitments to the community as detailed in the social values strategy. Contact has been made with the adjacent primary school at the commencement of the site and there is a commitment to re-engage and encourage a participation in a hoarding artwork competition. 

Building relationships with residents has been successful, and meticulous attention has been paid to regular liaison with School to advance warn of larger deliveries or works on site, and the use of FORS compliant delivery vehicles where possible. Alongside this, regular newsletters have been developed to keep local neighbours up to date on activity and a site notice board is frequently updated. 

The site has a commitment to protect the environment with excellent practices and disciplines in place, including.

  • Chas Elite Accreditation in place
  • Site-specific environmental plan
  • Sharing green credentials and aspirations via social media channels, website, and newsletters
  • Retained landscape and trees where possible to retain flora and fauna, and Landscaping to be designed to promote local wildlife and trees.

MD, Steven Brown says, “We are proud to have received such positive feedback from the Considerate Constructor Assessor, particularly around how we are engaging with the local community and our continued passion for being a socially conscious and environmentally friendly organisation.”

John Southworth is proud to be a family business and valuing the workforce is a priority, opportunities to grow future talent comes through a collaborative relationship with Tameside College of Technology, offering work placements and apprenticeships. Alongside this, ensuring the safety and wellbeing of our team is extremely important to us, with feedback from the assessor saying, 

“There has always been a good focus on the well-being of the workforce, however the facilities seen on site have exceeded those previously witnessed, well done. Employees appear to be enjoying annual health assessments and have access to mental health first aiders should they require it. Excellent to learn of the team building events and the positive effect to is having on the site team.”